what parks can you still drink alcohol at in san diego

What Parks Can You Still Drink Alcohol At In San Diego?

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What San Diego Parks Are Still Alcohol-Friendly?

Unfortunately, the information out there on alcohol-friendly parks is largely outdated. And when that badge comes rolling around with a ~$220 Drinking Ticket (so we’ve heard), you’re going to be pissed off at the world. 

Fortunately, the San Diego Municipal Code has a “12 Hour Ban” Park List. This means that alcohol is allowed at the park between 8am and 8pm. Here is the Golden List (scroll to Page 23 for the Official 12-Hour Ban list). Also, starting on page 23 there is a 16-hour Ban list where you can drink from noon-8pm. This is largely centered on Balboa Park, and the Map on Page 24 will outline what areas you can/cannot drink in. But that’s not why we’re doing this; we’re doing this for the 12-Hour Ban / Alcohol Friendly Parks around San Diego County. 

As of 11/28/15, there are 19 parks left in San Diego County, not including Balboa Park, that still allow you to consume alcohol between 8am and 8pm. 

San Diego Alcohol Friendly Park Map

San Diego County Parks

12 Hour Ban: CAN drink alcohol from 8am – 8pm

  1. Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park
  2. Carmel Creek Neighborhood Park
  3. Carmel Del Mar Neighborhood Park
  4. Cleator, Bill, Neighborhood Park
  5. Collier Neighborhood Park
  6. East Clairemont Athletic Area
  7. Gershwin Neighborhood Park
  8. Lake Murray Community Park
  9. Mount Acadia Neighborhood Park
  10. Murray Ridge Neighborhood Park
  11. Ocean Beach Community Park
  12. Olive Grove Community Park
  13. Pioneer Park (Mission Hills)
  14. Presidio Park
  15. Rancho Bernardo Community Park
  16. San Carlos Community Park
  17. Serra Mesa Community Park
  18. Solana Highland Neighborhood Park
  19. Tecolote Community Park

Balboa Park

16 Hour Ban: CAN drink alcohol from noon – 8pm

  1. Botanical Building East Lawn
  2. Botanical Building West Lawn
  3. Federal Building Lawn
  4. House of Pacific Relations Lawn
  5. International Lawn
  6. Mall Lawn
  7. Moreton Bay Fig Lawn
  8. Pan American Plaza Lawn
  9. Recital Hall Lawn

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