Can You Make Kombucha With Brown Sugar?

Kombucha is a well-known drink consumed by people all over the world. A lot of people prefer it because it has a unique taste and is gut-friendly. This fermented drink is a dream for people who are looking for something other than coffee or tea.

The basic ingredients for a kombucha include yeast, sugar, and green or black tea. When brewing kombucha, microbes will feed off of the sugar and multiple. This is what gives kombucha its health benefits. But now the question is, can you use brown sugar, or do you need white sugar? 

White Sugar or Brown Sugar

The recipes found all over the internet usually include white sugar, but there have been various queries about whether one can use brown sugar. The answer is yes! You most certainly can substitute brown sugar for white.  

However, the reason people look to replace white sugar is because of their diet. But you don’t need to worry about that. The bacteria while consuming the sugar.

With that being said, any simple carbohydrate will work in your kombucha drink. Brown sugar will work and give your kombucha a different taste, but you shouldn’t make that decision because you are cutting sugar from your diet.

White sugar ultimately works because it has a purer form of sucrose that the yeast will process faster, allowing fermentation to work better and with a lower chance of “harming” beneficial bacteria with minerals found in the small amounts of molasse that is added back into white sugar to create brown sugar. You can brew kombucha with pure molasses, but you should learn more about it before trying it.

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