Best Tea to Get Your Gut Moving Each Morning

Are you a fan of starting your day with a cup of coffee? If you are, this is your sign to switch to tea. This is because there are teas that can get your gut moving in the mornings and prevent constipation. After all, having warm liquid is a great way to get much-needed fluids into your body. It also aids digestion, eases constipation and aids your health in other ways. Besides, additional water in the stool makes it softer and easier to pass. 

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The good thing about starting your day with a cup of tea is that it stimulates your digestive system. Due to all these benefits stated above, here are some of the best teas to have in the morning:

Peppermint tea

If you need to keep your digestive health in a good state, start your day with a cup of warm peppermint. It helps to tackle digestive issues and a cup of this tea after eating is highly recommended for anyone with constipation or stomach upset.

Senna tea

This tea is made from the dried pods and leaves of the Senna alexandrina shrub. This plant contains glycosides that stimulate the digestive system. 

Dandelion tea

This tea can help relieve mild digestive signs like constipation and bloating. It has diuretic properties and helps to keep the digestive system and body hydrated. 

Black tea and green tea

Of course, the popular green and black tea can give you a great start to the day. It stimulates bowel movement and keeps you active all day long.