Best Herbs to Add to Tea and Coffee for Daily Health

Herbal tea is not a new thing. People have been drinking it for a long period of time. Although it is called herbal tea, it does not mean that it is made from any special tea leaves or tea plants. There are some special herbs that are used to make herbal tea. Now, the fact is that most people do not know about the best herbs that they can add to tea and coffee. This is why we have come up with this article where we will be discussing the best herbs that you can add to your coffee as well as tea in order to improve your health.


Are you having too much mental stress? Then, you should definitely go with chamomile tea. This tea has calming effects and this is why chamomile tea is very popular. Talking about chamomile, well, it has calming properties and several studies have shown this thing. It can give you relief from premenstrual symptoms. Apart from this, it will help you to keep the insulin level, blood sugar level, and blood lipid level under control.


Well, peppermint tea is a very popular herbal tea. If you are suffering from problems regarding digestion and discomfort, this peppermint tea will be ideal for you. Studies have shown that peppermint oil can help you to get rid of stomach pain, spasms, cramping, and nausea. If you do not have peppermint oil, you can add peppermint to your tea and coffee. You will get the same result.


Ginger is one of the most useful herbs that you can add to your tea and coffee. Yes, it can make your drink flavourful and spicy. Studies have shown that ginger tea can give you relief from nausea. Ginger is rich in disease-fighting and healthy antioxidants. It can give you relief from stomach pain and period pain.


Are you having high blood pressure? Then, hibiscus tea will be an ideal option for you. Basically, the flower of the hibiscus plant is used to make herbal tea. It gives your tea a very unique flavour. Talking about the herb, well, it is rich in healthful properties and it can keep your blood pressure level under control. Apart from this, it can lower the stress level in your body. Anyway, if you are taking any other medicine like aspirin, you should consult with your doctor before taking hibiscus tea.

So, these are some herbs that you can add to your tea and coffee to keep your health in perfect shape. Using supplements produced by Flora and Pure Synergy may also prove beneficial.