Just some fun California Craft Beer facts

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Just some fun craft beer facts: 

those that don’t know, the Brewer’s Association is the leading Craft Beer
Organization that is dedicated to promoting and protecting “small and
independent American brewers, their craft beers, and the community of brewing
enthusiasts.” What the Brewer’s Association does for American craft breweries
is both extensive and remarkable. Their core values are based around protecting
the American craft brewing industry. The Brewers Association is responsible for
providing accurate beer history, improving craft beer economic health, maintaining
and growing the craft brewing community, promoting ethical and legal practices,
and building strong relationships among industry partners.

to the Brewer’s Association, California craft breweries provide the largest
economic impact in the nation. In 2012, California craft breweries had a $4.70
economic impact in sales. In 2013, California craft breweries produced
the most barrels of craft beer out of any state. Each barrel = two 15.5 gallon
kegs. In 2013, California produced 2.948 million barrels of craft beers. With 381 craft
breweries in the state, California also ranks 1st place for number
of breweries.

As of
7/21/14, San Diego County has 92 breweries, which accounts for 24% of
California’s brewery count.