pairing childhood candy w adulthood beers

Pairing Childhood Candy w/ Adulthood Beers

06 Feb Pairing Childhood Candy w/ Adulthood Beers

Pairing Childhood Candy & Adulthood Beers

This is a very important topic. How else are you going to ruin that summer body?


Skittles + “Passion Assassin” Kettle Sour

4.8%, Pizza Port Brewing Company, Solana Beach 

The sweet-then-sour flavor transformation is a mantra for many popular candies, but not Skittles. Original Skittles are simply sweet and fruity. “Passion Assassin” is a passion fruit kettle sour that is moderately sour, tart and refreshing. (A kettle sour is usually “soured” during the mashing process when lactobacillus bacteria convert sugars into acids.) Follow a handful of Skittles with a sip of “Passion Assassin” and you’ll create a whole new candy-like experience.  Pucker up for this great pairing.


Sour Patch Kids + “Brand New Normal” Berliner Weisse

3.2%, Mikkeller Brewing Company, Miramar

Sour Patch Kids, now with the little blue dude, provide a mouthful of juicy tartness. Their strong flavors of lime (green), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), raspberry (red) & blue raspberry (blue) require a strong beer counterpart. Mikkeller’s Berliner Weisse pairs perfectly. Like Sour Patch Kids, “Brand New Normal” starts off soft and light on the palate and ends with a dry, sensationally tart finish.


Gummy Bears + “Factory of Dreams” IPA

6.8%, Eppig Brewing Company, North Park

“Factory of Dreams” IPA has huge tropical and citrus notes of pineapple and mango. The Gummy Bear flavors of raspberry (red), orange (orange), strawberry (green), pineapple (clear) and lemon (yellow) perfectly compliment the tropical bitterness in the IPA. Also, the dry finish of the IPA helps cut the jelly-like consistency of the Gummy Bears.


Almond Joy + “Vacation” Coconut IPA

7%, Resident Brewing Company, Downtown San Diego

When the sweet coconut in Almond Joy combines with the toasted coconut in “Vacation” IPA, it will take you on a magical, island-style journey. Then, the bold citrusy bitterness of the IPA cuts the fat of the mouth-watering milk chocolate and almonds, leaving you with a dry, clean finish.


Kit Kat Bar + “Hazardous Hazelnut” Porter

6.9%, Rip Current Brewing Company, San Marcos & North Park

Biting into Kit Kat’s sweet chocolate covered wafers only gets better when it’s followed a sip of “Hazardous Hazelnut.” This bready and chocolatey porter has a medium body with a sweet finish. It’s the beer version of Nutella. Also, it’s produced by Rip Current Brewing Company, who recently won “Very Small Brewing Company & Brewer of the Year” at the Great American Beer Festival (one of the largest beer competitions in the world).


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup + “Zumbar” Imperial Stout

9.3%, New English Brewing Company, Sorrento Valley

Yes, I know Karl Strauss has a Peanut Butter Cup Porter and Mother Earth has a Peanut Butter Stout (which we actually have on tap right now). While those pairings are great, this pairing is insane. “Zumbar” is an Imperial Chocolate & Coffee Stout that’s brewed with a rich blend of Indonesian & Latin American coffee beans and over 2lbs of 72% Belgian Dark Chocolate per barrel. Drink it with a Peanut Butter Cup and mail me a Thank You card.


Candy Corn + “Garbage Can” Pail Ale

Under the Kitchen Sink, Your Place

Candy Corn is gross. It doesn’t pair with anything. Please throw it all away in your garbage pail.


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