Best American Cities for Coffee Lovers

Well, if you know how to brew coffee, you have a great chance to create a solid impression upon the Americans. They actually love drinking coffee.

Coffee is loved across the globe, but when it comes to America, people love to visit their favorite coffee houses, coffee carts and cafes. They enjoy the moment while grabbing a cup of coffee.

There are almost 100,000 businesses inextricably related to coffee in the country. New York, Seattle and Portland are considered coffee meccas. From Starbucks in Seattle to Stumptown in Portland- you will have endless places where you can enjoy your coffee.

Well, we are not going to tell you about the places. What we are going to tell you is about the best American cities for coffee lovers. So, if you are someone who is devoted to coffee, you must run to the following destinations:

Pasadena, California

Pasadena is a beautiful city in California. Well, it is not far away from Los Angeles where people are busy following their choppy schedules. In Los Angeles, you will find app pickup culture. People there do not have enough time to sit in the coffee houses and enjoy the moment.

But, when it comes to Pasadena, the entire scenario gets changed. You will see alluring art scenes, suburban walkable streets and a much slower pace.

You will get various coffee shops in Pasadena. Most of them are large in size; therefore, you will have enough space to sit. You can enjoy your coffee with your friends. Along with it, you will also find hybrid coffee shops such as coffee shops and bars, coffee shops and bakeries and many more.

Berkeley, California

The University of California, hippie culture and the rich history of social activism are some important aspects that make Berkeley one of the most popular cities in California. So, you will find students drinking coffee to restore energy for exams. Moreover, you will find people in the coffee shops discussing social activism. The coffee culture is very rich in Berkeley and you will find espresso and paper cup crowd. Along with the coffee shops, you can visualize stunning parks and bookstores.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a popular place for coffee lovers located on the Western Coast in the United States. It is considered as one of the best coffee places by the Americans. People in Seattle drink more coffee than people from other cities in America. Some famous coffee shops such as Tully’s Coffee, Starbucks, and many more started their journey from here.

These are some of the best American cities for coffee lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Visit any of these cities and take your coffee drinking experience to the next level.