Entry: October 20, 2014

Our fifth San Diego BeerBoard went up October 20th on the bustling corner of University Ave & 30th street in North Park. This was the ideal location for the BeerBoard during San Diego Beer Week (Nov 7-16th). North Park, specifically 30th Street, has gained notoriety as one of the primary hubs for the San Diego and the national craft beer culture. We would like to offer a special thanks to Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Rip Current Brewing Company, Hamilton’s Tavern, Thorn Street Brewery and UBER. For the first time, we involved a non-craft beer centric company, UBER. Their involvement helped provide discounts to first time Uber riders in a goal to reduce drinking and driving. 


Entry: September 17, 2014

Our forth San Diego BeerBoard went up September 17th on the corner of Garnet Avenue and Everts in beautiful Pacific Beach. Every car leaving the beach, driving down Garnet, saw the message that was facing West. We would like to offer a special thanks to Amplified Ale Works, Pizza Port Brewing Company, West Coaster Magazine & The Tap Room. On a side note, we wish Kenny, previous proprietor for Ciro’s Pizza & Beer in Pacific Beach, the best of luck on his new venture, Iron Pig AleHouse. Iron Pig will be a authentic BBQ & craft beer joint just East up Garnet Avenue. 


Entry: August 19th, 2014

Our third San Diego BeerBoard went up August 19th on the corner of Pacific Highway and Washington Street. The Out-Of-Home Viewership rating for the Pacific Highway BeerBoard was 1.093 million views for its 4 week up-period. We would like to offer a special thanks to Culture Brewing Company, Coronado Brewing Company, The Regal Beagle & (our home & hub) 57 Degrees


Entry: July 28th, 2014

Our second San Diego BeerBoard went up July 25th at the corner of 15th Street and F Street in East Village. The Out-Of-Home Viewership rating for the East Village BeerBoard is 91,000 views per week. This means that over its 4 week period, over 364,000 sets of eyes will view the SDBeerBoard celebrating San Diego County as America’s Craft Beer Capital. We would like to offer a special thanks to Societe Brewing Company, AleSmith Brewing Company, Neighborhood Bar (Consortium Holdings) and Monkey Paw Brewery & Pub. The next BeerBoard will have to slightly change because another 5 breweries have opened since this project’s commencement…. Good Problems. 



Entry: June 25th, 2014

We are proud to announce that our first Craft Beer Billboard or “BeerBoard” went up June 23rd in North Park at the corner of University Ave and Texas Street. The BeerBoard is dedicated to creating more community awareness that San Diego is America’s Craft Beer Capital. Special Thanks to Alpine Beer Company, Hess Brewing Company, Hamilton’s Tavern and West Coaster Magazine for being apart of it. 

Keep your eyes out for more BeerBoards, they’re already in the brewing process. If you’d like to be part of a BeerBoard please email us at

We would also like to thank John, Spencer and Ann at CBS Outdoor for helping us through the billboard process – it’s a wacky one.