What Are the Types of Beer With Lots of Hops?

Hops are used by beer brewers to balance the sweetness of the beer and to help and achieve a perfect bitterness. The combination between sweet and bitter can vary from one beer to another. Some people prefer their beer with a lot of hops, while others like their beer sweet and intoxicating. 

Hops play an important role in giving the beer its taste and aroma. Only an expert beer brewer can understand the different ways to brew particular types of beers. A well-refined and delicious beer is typically prepared with one of the four main ingredients, such as barley, water, and hops. Hops usually stand above the rest on the list. 

A beer with lots of hops is often in high demand. For people who are social drinkers, a beer with a lot of hops can slow them down and help prevent them from getting too drunk. Strong beers can also be very good and hearty meals, helping to set off the different flavors you are tasting. Find the magical beer that you can cheer to you mate from the list below that includes beers with a lot of hops. 

  1. Ale is brewed with yeast during the fermentation process. This gives a sweet and fruity flavor to the beer, but when hops are added to balance the sweetness with bitterness, you get yourself good old ale that you can enjoy with your buddies. Some other types of ale are brown ales, barley wines, wheat beers, pale ale, and stouts. 
  2. Lager takes longer to brew than ale – almost three and a half weeks. This gives it a hard and crisp flavor, but contains a smaller amount of hops compared to the typical ale. The temperature at which larger is brewed is also low.
  3. Amber ale is a type of ale but lighter in color. Amber ale is also sometimes called pale ale and has a deep malt flavor to it but not the same amount of hops as compared to traditional ale.
  4. Altbier is a German style ale. It has a more significant amount of hops but with fruit flavors infused that makes it an all-time favorite of Germans. 
  5. Barley wine is another type of ale but darker in color, almost in the shade of black. It has a fruity content but has a strong alcoholic intoxication with a balanced amount of hops. 
  6. Bitter gives away the type of beer by its name. Bitter is a British ale that has a bitterness and hoppiness that varies from light to medium, and in some cases, strong, according to your preference. 

If you are looking for a beer with lots of hops, then the offerings above are sure to delight. Head out to your local grocer and look for the section with individually labeled beer bottle. This way you can try one and decide if you like it before you buy a case.