Ways to Have a Drink with Friends During the Pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had to make drastic changes to our lifestyles and social interactions. Before, we did not have to plan over and over just to have drinks with our friends. We could simply go to a bar or have them over but that is not the case now as so many precautions have to be taken before we can go to any social gathering. 

After we have been locked down and quarantined due to the pandemic, the need and desire to socialize has greatly increased. You might want to have drinks with friends and not know how to go about it. In this article, we are going to share some ways and ideas on how to have drinks with friends even while the pandemic subsist.

Meeting Up with Friends Safely

It is important that you know the guidelines from the CDC for meetings and social gatherings. A virtual meeting might pose the lowest risks.

Virtual Happy Hours are a creative way to ‘meet’ with friends and have drinks. You all could set up a meeting on Zoom for drinks, at your various locations, while being safe you have the drinks and converse. This however does not compare with being physically in the same environment and might take from the overall enjoyment of the drinks because it would remind you of what you cannot do. It is however advised that you focus on the positives and enjoy your drinks with friends. 

Meeting Outdoors is the best in-person way of having drinks with friends as it greatly reduces the chances of transmitting the virus. The outdoors can also provide a sense of freedom while giving you enough space to properly practice physical distancing because the closer you are physical to people, the more the chances of being infected. Play some tunes on some vintage guitars, play Cards Against Humanity, or heck, grill great food together! These aren’t sponsored or promoted ideas here, they’re just what I like to do with my family and friends when we get together.

Tips for Having Drinks with Friends During the Pandemic 

However, you choose to have drinks with your friends it important that you do not lose sight of the risk that might pose and take the necessary precautions, here are some tips to help you.Keep it small: always keep your gatherings as small as possible as this would reduce the risk that it might pose.

Be strict with the guest list when you are about to have drinks with friends it is important that you all agree on the exact number of people that are going to be present. Make sure you inform them of this on time, possibly as soon as the invitation goes out.

Consider your space if you are going to have drinks indoors you should make sure you have enough space within the house that your friends can practice physical distancing according to the guidelines provided by the CDC.

One idea, if it’s a large gathering, is to take different colored pieces of yarn and distribute them to guests. Each color signifies different comfort levels — one color might mean “stay 6 feet away with at all times” while another color might mean “I’m okay with 2 feet of distance” and so on. Everyone should wear a mask though!

Most importantly, stay safe out there and be considerate of others. We all have to keep each other healthy during this time.