Top Picks for Best Holiday Beers

There is an old tradition of drinking beer during the holidays. It came from Vikings. The popularity of the craft beer is rising day by day. People are preferring craft beer during the holidays.

Craft beer generally consists of a specific flavor that is hard to find in the regular beer. American craft holiday beers are coming up with various flavors.

Well, these holidays are considered a golden period for most of the breweries. They release some rare and coveted beer during the holidays. The quantity of alcohol remains high in some of these craft beers. People can also find super hoppy beer and craziest spiced beer during the holidays.

Top Picks for Best Holiday Beers

Holidays and beers are inextricably related to each other. You cannot enjoy your holidays whole-heartedly without having a mug of beer. This is why we have come up with some best holiday beers for you. So, do not miss the following:

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is one of the oldest American craft beer companies. The company has been brewing beers since 1981.

During the holidays, people need sticky, highly-alcoholic beers that must have the flavor of malt. Well, Celebration Fresh Hop consists of all these qualities. It has a balanced flavor. People can get the flavor of citrus and pine. The aromatic flavor makes it more approachable. You can have it with roasted rib.

Gouden Carolus Noël Belgian Ale from Brewery Het Anker

If you are looking for a flavored beer, this will be an ideal option for you. The company has been brewing this beer for the past 35 years. It consists of six different types of spices and herbs. It is brewed during August, and the beer is conditioned for more than one month before its final release on holidays.

You will certainly get the flavor of juniper berries, star anise, coriander and many more. You can enjoy it with some dry fruits and roasted meat.

Delirium Noël Belgian Ale from the Huyghe Brewery, Belgium

If you want to keep yourself warm during the holidays, this will be perfect for you. It has the flavor of juicy pomegranates, dark fruits, tart plums and many more. Moreover, you can get a bubbly, bouncy and frothy structure. It will bring the mental serenity that you need. You can enjoy it with some roasted meat and dry fruits.

So, these are some best holiday beers that you can try. We hope that this article will be helpful for you.