The World’s Largest Beer Garden

The world’s largest beer garden is located in Raleigh, a city in the state of North Carolina. The location, aptly named Raleigh Beer Garden, is a three-story building with 366 draft beers on taps. Each floor is dedicated to something special. For example, the first floor caters to the beers that are close to the hearts of the people of North Carolina, as they have been made in this state. A total of 144 beers proudly holding the state name of North Carolina are represented on this floor. 

The second floor gives visitors a chance to taste beers from anywhere they like, even the hard to find types. There are around 222 draft beers dedicated to those beers brewed in barrels from around the world. They have a rooftop bar with 12 rotating drafts, and they serve beer on not only this floor but also cocktails, wine, and bar food like fries and sausages. Hence, for customers that like to pair their beer with something special, this beer garden has got you covered. 

The facility holds about 402 different types of beers that change depending on availability. They have a manager whose main responsibility is to monitor the inventory and maintain the orders, as well as the beers. The bartenders undergo training so that they have the full understanding and knowledge about the types of beer they are serving. 

The process of actually selecting a beer to be added to the list is also quite extensive as the customer’s taste, weather, and overall the flavor profile is evaluated before a brand is added to the list that is being served to visitors. They are constantly on the lookout for new beers to add to the list, especially those being introduced by new breweries, as the chances of them bringing something new to the industry are very high. So they are constantly on the lookout for changes in trends within the beer industry as well so that they can always be one step ahead from their competitors. You might even find something interesting, like pumpkin pie beer.

So if you want to visit the world’s largest beer garden, look no further than sweet old Raleigh located in North Carolina where you can get the best of North Carolina and the world as well.