Best Liquors with Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a sweet-flavored carbonated soft drink. It is consumed like any other drink, sometimes when people are sick, and also mixed with liquor.

There are hundreds of alcoholic beverages with ginger ale as a base, but we would narrow down the list to only five.

Five best liquors with ginger ale are as follows: 

Vodka Ginger Ale

This is a simple mixture of vodka and ginger ale primarily, served with ice if you so choose. Considering the weather is warming, ice might not be a bad idea. The ratio of vodka to ginger ale is three to one, so you will get much less of a vodka taste. Add a wedged lime for additional effect. 

Jingle Buck 

Another exquisite cocktail is jingle buck, which contains yummy cranberry juice and vodka. When mixed, you will see a beautiful pastel red color. Add lime juice in equal measure to the cranberry juice, and then add an equal or lesser amount of vodka to the measure of juice. Add a splash of ginger ale and stir. Toss in ice cubes, fresh cranberries, or a sliced lemon and your tasty jingle buck is ready. 

Gin, Ginger Ale, Pineapple Juice

Call it whatever you want, this blend is pure heaven. Mix pineapple and gin together in equal measure and top with ginger ale. Add ice cubes to cool it down. You can use pineapple slices to decorate your cocktail glass. We like to name this drink “Highball Pine” because a highball glass is generally used for serving it. 

Spiced Blackberry Ginger Ale 

A piquant combination of spiced rum and ginger ale with lime slices and fresh blackberries to garnish. This liquor is also called “Captain Morgan Ginger Ale” because the rum used is Captain Morgan, but feel free to use the rum of your choice. 

Horse’s Neck 

Concluding the list with a bang, Horse’s Neck is a strong American cocktail originating from several films, including In a Lonely Place, No Limit, and Return of the Return of the Living Dead Part II. Dating back to the 1900s, this liquor includes brandy and ginger ale as the main components. A dash of Angostura Bitter is optional. Decorate it with lime and savor it post-dinner to feel warm and spirited within minutes!

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