Best Light Beers For Hot Summer Days

When we talk about light beers for hot summer days, the words of Gilbert Chesterton titillate our minds. He said that a man would discover the importance of beer after walking only 10 miles during the hot summer days steadily. Anyway, we must admit the fact that there is an inextricable connection between chilled beers and hot summer days. It does not matter what you are doing during the hot days, you need light beers to achieve the taste of ultimate enjoyment. However, finding the perfect light beer for hot summer days can be difficult amid this versatile world. Therefore, we have made a list consisting of the best light beers for hot summer days.

  • Sixpoint Jammer: if you want to get the taste of sweet citrus amid these hot summer days, this light beer will be an ideal option for you. Yes, the taste is enhanced when it is served with sea salt. You can sprinkle some sea salt and get the tangy flavour. You will feel that you are on the beach after having this beer.
  • Anchor Brewing Blood Orange Blonde: Well, this is another light beer that you can have on the hot summer days. You will get a kind of distinctive twist after having this beer. However, the tangy flavour is still there and you will get a feel of refreshment after having this beer.
  • Shiner Strawberry Blonde: Well, the Shiner Strawberry Blonde is one of the most flavourful light beers. Yes, it has the combination of wheat malts and pale. Apart from this, it consists of fresh strawberries and the name itself indicates the same. However, this beer is super crisp and smooth and you will definitely have the ultimate enjoyment after drinking this beer.
  • Dogfish Head Flesh And Blood IPA: Well, are you looking for the tangy flavour? This beer will be ideal for you. Yes, it has got the flavour of citrus and you will get the taste of refreshment during the hot summer days after having this beer.
  • Harpoon Camp Wannamango: Who does not love eating mango during the hot summer days? Well, Harpoon Camp Wannamango gives you the flavour of mango and the child-like beer name also makes this light beer more approachable.
  • Rogue Honey Kolsch: This is another light beer that will give you the taste of honey. You will get the taste of hopyard and wildflower.

So, these are some light beers that you can have during the hot summer days.