Best Beers to Enjoy While Watching the Leaves Change

The ecosystem of craft beer is very dynamic. It is infused with creativity, and this is why you will see the talent of the independent brewers when it comes to choosing seasonal beers. Talking about the beers that you need to have while watching the leaves change, they are unique. If you are looking for a remarkable way to capture the real essence of any particular season, you should definitely drink seasonal beers. There are more than 7000 breweries operating in the U.S.

Well, there are so many brands and so, it is confusing to choose the right type of beer that you should have while watching the leaves change. Anyway, we have made a list to discard this confusion. So, do not miss going through the following list:

Romantic Chemistry

Romantic Chemistry is one of the best beers that you can have while watching the leaves change. It comes from the house of Dogfish Head Brewing Company. It consists of the flavor of mangoes, apricots, and hops. All these things give a very good flavor together. You can add a little bit of ginger to make the taste more enhanced. You can enjoy it in the early springs with mango curd tart, sharp cheddar, and spicy chicken wings.

Pataskala Red X IPA

Well, this is another beer that you can have during spring from Stone Brewing Company. Well, this company has a very strong connection with hops. Consisting of German red malt, well, it will give you a citrusy flavor. It will be a perfect choice if you want to enjoy watching the leaves change. Talking about the food pairings, well, you can have spice cake, soft sheep cheese, and roasted beef.

Irish Ale

Irish Ale is one of the best seasonal beers. Boulevard Brewing Company produces it and it is rich in the malty flavor. If you are looking for a seasonal beer that will be perfect for spring evenings, you must go with Irish Ale. You can have port-salut cheese, portabella mushroom burger with it. Talking about the serving glass, you can have a nonic pint or mug.

Azacca IPA

Do you want to celebrate the budding greenery? Then, you should have a glass of Azacca IPA. It comes from the Founders Brewing Company. Well, you can enjoy it with apple pie, and pepper jack. You can use IPA or Tulip glass to serve it.

We hope that you have got to know about the best beers that you should have while watching the leaves change.