Best Beers to Drink After a Long and Hot Day

Long hot days call for a beer with alluring flavor and a light, soothing finish. While there are countless beers out there, only few are enjoyable and befitting when the sun is high up in the sky and the weather is hot.

Looking for the best beers to help you cool down after long and hot day? Check out this short list comprising some of our favorite beers.


Lagers are a common beer category and a great choice after a long and hot day. These beers are fermented at a low temperature with yeast and carefully conditioned at cold temperatures. Lagers have a subtle bready flavor due to the malt bill, while the yeast sees them through the cool temperatures during conditioning.


Traditionally brewed in Belgium, witbier, or white beer, is manufactured from suspended yeast and wheat proteins from which it derives its cloudy appearance. These beers are mainly brewed with wheat in the malt bill and traditionally spiced with orange and coriander. The suspended Belgian yeast adds hints of pepper and clove to a witbier and make it a perfect beer for a long summer day.


Although American brewers are now replicating the style, Kölsch originated from Cologne, Germany. A perfect dram after a long summer day, this beer style is mainly brewed with pilsner malt, meticulously fermented, and then stored at cold temperatures. A Kölschalso containsnoble hops which gives it a delicious flavor. The beer’s crisp and refreshing taste makes it a soothing drink for anyone after a hot day.


Originally brewed in farmhouses during the cold winter months for enjoyment during the summer, saisons are another perfect beer for long hot days. Spices such as coriander and orange zest may also be added to accentuate the beer’s traditionally light body and flavor to make it a more refreshing choice dram.

For another healthy warm weather beverage option, try Rooibos Tea.