Best Beers to Celebrate the Arrival of Fall

Beer has become an inextricable part of any festival. The autumn is coming and beer lovers across the world are waiting for this moment. Yes, they need their favorite beers to celebrate this arrival of fall. There are some special beers that are specifically made for this celebration. Talking about the flavors, well, they are ginger, maple, pumpkin, and many more. You might not have a strong feeling for pumpkin flavor. Well, this is completely okay as there are some other flavors that you can try during this time. Hop harvesting season starts after the end of the summer season. Those freshly picked hops are taken to the beer factories. They are brewed in order to extract the fragrance and then, it is used to make flavorful beers. Anyway, if you are a beer lover and want to celebrate the arrival of fall holding a mug of beer, you are in the right place. Here, we will be talking about the best beers to celebrate the arrival of fall.

Oktoberfest Beer

Do you want to celebrate the Oktoberfest night at restaurants or bars? In such a situation, you need this iconic beer. You will get a bready and toasted flavor. Talking about the bitterness, it remains low. You can try Ayinger Brewing Oktober Fest-Marzen where the percentage of ABV is only 5.8%. Apart from this, you can try Great Lakes Brewing Company Oktoberfest where the percentage of ABV is only 6.5%.

Hard Cider

If you are not a fan of hop flavor, this beer will be ideal for you. Yes, it is a great alternative to malty and hoppy flavor. Talking about hard cider beer, it is completely gluten-free and you will get a refreshing and crisp taste of apples. Apart from apple, you will get a flavor of other fruits in this case. You can try Angry Orchard Hard Cider Crisp Apple where the percentage of ABV is only 5. Moreover, you can try Blake’s Hard Cider Company Caramel Apple where the percentage of ABV is only 6.5.

Pumpkin Beer

Do you love the flavor of pumpkin? Then, this will be ideal for you. It is one of the popular trends. Well, most beer lovers do not like this one. But, we are adding this to our list in order to let you know that you will get this option for celebrating the arrival of fall. You can try Troegs Brewing Company Master of Pumpkin Ale where the percentage of ABV is 7.5. Moreover, you can try Saint Arnold Brewing Company Pumpkinator where the ABV percentage is 10.

So, these are some beers that you can have to celebrate the arrival of fall. While you celebrate the approaching of cooler weather, also remember to fortify yourself with supplements like those produced by Premier Research Labs and Host Defense.