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Parks You Can Drink Alcohol at in San Diego

09 Jul Parks You Can Drink Alcohol at in San Diego


You can only Drink Alcohol at about 10% of San Diego’s parks. Don’t get caught in the wrong park!

It could cost you $220. That’s over 30 Chipotle Burritos. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

Year after year, our precious, consumption-approved parks are reduced. Revocation of drinking can be issued for a handful of reasons. It could have been for something as common as a protesting neighbor. Or it could’ve been from something as complicated as beer bonging down a 30-foot slipe-n-slide. Either way, there are only a handful of parks left in San Diego that allow drinking. Out of over 180 parks, only 19 allow alcohol. Damn.

Are you willing to roll the dice? A few years ago, I was hanging out with a buddy in a mildly busy park. We had just finished college and were cheersing to a solid 4 years. Next to us we had an unsuspecting beach bag with 4 chilled cans. I didn’t even get the beer to mouth before the police officer caught our attention. Bam. $220.

Please note there are hour restrictions for drinking in the parks. 19 San Diego parks have 12-Hour Bans. A 12-Hour Ban means you CANNOT drink in the park from 8pm until 8am.

In addition to the 19 regional parks, there are 9 drinkable areas in Balboa Park. Those 9 areas have 16-Hour Bans. A 16-Hour Ban mean you CANNOT drink in the park from 8pm until noon. ALSO: Within Balboa Park, the 9 designated areas ONLY include the LAWN. Sidewalks and Hard Surfaces are not included in the authorized drinking lawns.

You CAN drink in the following 19 San Diego Parks

Reminder: they ALL have 12-Hour Bans from 8pm to 8am.

  1. Cabrillo Heights Neighborhood Park
  2. Carmel Creek Neighborhood Park
  3. Carmel Del Mar Neighborhood Park
  4. Bill Cleator Neighborhood Park
  5. Collier Neighborhood Park
  6. East Clairemont Athletic Area
  7. Gershwin Neighborhood Park
  8. Lake Murray Community Park
  9. Mount Acadia Neighborhood Park
  10. Murray Ridge Neighborhood Park
  11. Ocean Beach Community Park
  12. Olive Grove Community Park
  13. Pioneer Park (Mission Hills)
  14. Presidio Park
  15. Rancho Bernardo Community Park
  16. San Carlos Community Park
  17. Serra Mesa Community Park
  18. Solana Highland Neighborhood Park
  19. Tecolote Community Park’


You CAN drink in the following Balboa Park Areas

Reminder: they ALL have 16-Hour Bans from 8pm to noon.

  1. Botanical Building East Lawn
  2. Botanical Building West Lawn
  3. Federal Building Lawn
  4. House of Pacific Relations Lawn
  5. International Lawn
  6. Mall Lawn
  7. Moreton Bay Fig Lawn
  8. Pan American Plaza Lawn
  9. Recital Hall Lawn

Here’s the FULL Municipal Code

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