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01 Oct The Best Weed & Beer Pairings

Prop 64 passed in California. Weed is legal. Beer is legal. Enjoy them together.   Background: Weed and Beer belong together. Marijuana and Hemp (Cannabis) and Hops (Humulus) are both part of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants. Hops provides many similar flavors and aromas similar to the cannabis plant, so it only makes sense to pair them together. Besides, in Southern California,...

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11 Jul If Celebrities were San Diego Beers

IF CELEBRITIES WERE SAN DIEGO BEERS Tom Hanks & Islander¬†(IPA - Coronado Brewing Company)   Lindsay Lohan & Crotch Rocket (Irish Red Ale - Hillcrest Brewing Company)   Tiger Woods & Two Timer (Scottish Ale, draft only - Dos Desperados Brewing Company)   Pamela Anderson & Dubbel Fisted (Belgian Dubbel - Iron Fist Brewing Company)   Bill Gates & Plenty For All (Pilsner - Fall Brewing Company)   Taylor Swift &...

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